Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh You Can't Afford the Warhols

So it's been about a week since my Vegas trip, and it was a pretty great trip. I went down to shoot Valley of Fire for my "Of The Sky" project.

I went down by myself, so the first night I wandered the strip after dinner. I ended walking around the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. I was walking by a space and several Warhols caught my eye. I went in and realized it was an art gallery. I was surprised to because I hadn't expected a gallery in there. So I went in and started looking around.

After admiring the Warhols up front I found several pieces by Joan Miro. Super excited by the find I continued looking and turned the corner to find a Lichenstein on the wall. The look on my face must've been priceless because I was so stoked and surprised to find such great artists in a gallery in Vegas.

I was then approached by someone working in the gallery and told me about how some sticker would tell me if it's for sale or not. I then told him I was pretty sure I couldn't afford anything in the gallery and that I'd just come in to look around because the Warhols up front caught my eye. He then replied with "Oh you can't afford Warhol. But there are some great pieces for $1,200".

First off, rude. I just had to laugh to myself at how condescending that guy was. He wasn't wrong, truth be told I couldn't even afford the $1,200 pieces he'd suggested. But he didn't have to be such an ass about it.

Either way, great find.

The rest of the trip was great as well. Valley of Fire was fun, hiking around by myself. Although it was a little sketch to be alone so far out there, but it was nice to get away from everything.

While I was hiking around, I'd heard footsteps up head of me. I look up and there's a whole heard of bighorn rams standing there. They looked at me and I looked at them. We totally had an awkward moment. Deciding what the other was going to do. I stayed right where I was standing but lifted my camera and took some photos of them. And they then moved on their way.

Overall, great trip.

Here are the pieces I'd found in the Martin Martin Lawrence Art Gallery (yea that's its real name)



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