Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Be Professional.

So I've been working on a pretty big project these last couple of weeks. And I've had the opportunity to work with some pretty great people. There have been 13 models that I've shot, plus working with a fabulous make up artist and costume designer.

There have been a wide variety of personalities and skill level I've been working with. Some models get in the studio with me and just get it done. They're fabulous. Everyone has a good sense of humor, and we're all laughing and having a good time while we work. They know what they're doing, take direction well. They make my job easier.

Then there have been models that I've worked that aren't as skilled, and maybe modeling isn't their calling. But that's ok. Because all of them have really friendly, and did the best to their abilities. And I appreciate that.

But today, I worked with a model, and I have never experienced working with someone so rude. My costumer and I drove 15 minutes to pick up in and then another 15 to take him back. During the shoot, he everything he said was laced with insult. Everything for this project, props & costumes, have either been made by me or my costumer. And he kept making comments about how the shield I'd made was less than acceptable. During the shoot, he didn't listen to a single thing I'd directed him to do. Anytime I'd have him do something, he would simply ignore it and do what he thought the pose should be. I got him out as soon as I could because I really didn't want to deal with him anymore. One the way back he'd asked that I stop at a convince store so he could grab something. So I did. What simply blew my mind was what happened when he got out of my car when we dropped him off. I pulled to a stop, and turned and said thanks for helping with the shoot. He opened the door and got out without saying a single word before I could finish saying thanks. Just got out & walked away without a single word.

In an industry where who know and your social networking are so important, acting like that towards another professional seems like a terrible idea. I will NEVER work with this model again. If he plans to make this a career, he can't possibly expect to go far burning bridges like this. If we cross paths in the future, I wouldn't book him, and I would tell everyone around me why. How could he possibly expect to have a solid chance at a career and be such a total dick.

Obviously, not everyone is going to get along. There are people I work with at my day job, as well as in my classes that I could do without. We all don't have to be best friends, but we DO need to be professional, and treat each other with respect.

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