Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Grand Finale

So I'm finally done with college! The day that I thought would never come has now come and gone. The graduation ceremony was so much fun and emotional.

With graduation came my finishing up in the photo program. This semester we studied under Peter Goin, not only a great teacher but a great photographer. Look him up; seriously.

We were given the task of creating two mural sized panels; meaning 44x64" prints. I chose to print on satin exhibition canvas. I only wish I'd discovered canvas earlier. The paper smells kind of awful, but the final product looks so great when it's stretched out.

I'd never worked with canvas before so I enlisted two of my classmates to help with the construction of the stretcher bars and stretching the canvas.

This might've been the point where the drill bit actually
broke off into the wood. 

Stretching the canvas. It was surprisingly difficult
and required a certain technique.

One down, one to go. Thanks so much guys!

So we each created two panels and we all put them up in a gallery show in three of the brand new galleries on campus. One thing that struck when putting the prints up, was that this was the end. And looking around I was able to see how good my peers are at our chosen craft. Some of them I'd been in class with them for the last four semesters, this past one being our fifth together. It'd been so great to see how everyone had evolved and changed along with their work.
Getting everything unloaded to start up with the 
Laying out my prints before they go up onto the wall!
And they're up!

Everyone working so hard on the install!

We must've measured out our spacing a dozen times.
Took forever, but was well worth the work!

 Me with my prints at the opening!

We treated ourselves to some celebratory pizza after 
the opening was done. Such a good end to 
such a great night!

I wanted to end with the group photo because it's 
such a good photo and we all look super classy.
These are peers. Look for their work 
in the future! I want to thank each of them
for contributing to my work. Some more than 
others, but it was a collective process.
I'm gonna miss you guys!