Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cost of Good Photography

I have several friends that I've met in the photography department at school. And we often talk about how frustrating it is to sometimes find clients willing to pay what we're worth as a photographer.

It's beyond irritating to see photos people have put up online that they'd just had done. I then go through and pick out everything thats wrong with it. Bad lighting, spots are blown out, color correction is terrible, background and composition are not executed well. This are some of the issues I've seen with peoples portraits. Although some I've seen are really great, but those are the people who've found a good photographer.

Just because you have camera, it doesn't make you a photographer. 

I'm not saying that you have to have formal training to be a good photographer. But having a camera doesn't automatically make you one either. 

Several photo teachers have said that they have people who call the department looking for students to shoot their weddings. And they've all told them no, to pay the money for a professional. 

I realize that times are tough all around and money has to be stretched. But if your house is on fire, what are the first things you're going to grab for? Photographs. Everyone holds their photos at the top of their lists for things to save. Willing to stay in a burning building to save them. So why cheap out on creating them?

I'm also not saying you have to book me as a photographer (although you totally can). But don't just go with a friend that has a camera. 

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