Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You Can't Burn Bridges

Ok, I know, it has been awhile. But I've been busy getting my show up. Which turned out really well thanks!

I learned a lot this semester in working on my Of The Sky project. Having worked with 13 models, I had the chance to work with a variety of talents and personalities. Some were really great. They were fun to work with and knew what they were doing and got it done. Which made my job that much easier. Others were less easy to work with. Those I think, modeling just isn't their calling. And some where just flat out awful to work with (ok by some I mean one, and we've already talked about that one) But overall the project came out really well.

However, I've encountered an issue post-project that, as a photographer, I've never had to deal with. With the project being open in the show, I've been mailing out the final images to the models for their portfolios. And one model asked to have the unedited images as well. I told her no because it's not only unprofessional, but it's not a good representation of my work. Her response was that the images of her and she has never had a photographer NOT giver her her images.

Well, I'm not quite sure who she has been working with, but I've never heard of a professional photographer handing out unedited work. I HAVE heard of photographers making their models pay for their images for the portfolio.

And yes, these models are the subject of the image. But the image is the creative product of the photographer. So the ownership of the work lies with said photographer.

In terms of our verbal agreement (the same agreement I'd made with all the models) they were to get a copy of the portrait and a copy of the panoramic. Which I upheld. So while this situation has been frustrating, it was also a good lesson to learn on setting up shoots in the future. But I don't see my future work including this particular model because of the way she's tried to grab at images that aren't hers to grab.

Until next time...

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