Friday, July 6, 2012

A Little Bit of Rouge

OK, a little disclaimer to this post. I was not present at any of the shoots for the images presented. Just my judgements as a photographer.

I've been seriously working on my photography for about four years now. I've done a lot of experimentation, making mistakes along the way. One of the biggest things I've learned is dealing with makeup.

Makeup applied lightly doesn't really show up on camera. So the makeup must be applied liberally for the effect to be picked up on camera. Working with a makeup artist who usually works with photographers knows this. But if you're a photographer working with an artist that doesn't normally work on photo shoots, it's important to convey the information.

On set, the make up might look overdone and awful. But it was all smooth out in post.

On set, the makeup might seem like it looks like:
But the final image would look more like this:
OR, on set you might be seeing:
But it would be turned into something like this:
My suggestion would be to apply the makeup more than what you would normally and take a few test shots. If the look is what you want it to be that start shooting. If not, add a few more layers. These examples are a bit of an exaggeration but in the past I've told an artist that the makeup was good but then wasn't happy with how light it was on camera.

Hopefully this is helpful for you fellow photographers out there!

See you next time.

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