Friday, June 29, 2012

Absentee Blogger

Ok, I've been a terrible blogger. I've ignored you. But let me make it up to you. Some stories from my recent life.

I've been taking summer classes, and so this week in class a girl walks in late. I look up as she walks in front of me to a seat. I then realize she's wearing a bikini top. A bikini top. No shirt. Just a bikini top. I then see that she's wearing jean shorts that are unzipped and pulled apart. Classy. Why does this happen to me? Why am I always around to see the worst people in the world?

I guess that's what makes me fabulous. I see all kinds.

For my summer, on top of working and summer school I'm working on a 100 hour internship. I'm a museum studies minor and so I chose my internship to be at the Nevada State Museum, under the curator of clothing and textiles. It's been interesting to see how much goes into cataloging a single item. I've been charged with the task of photographing a ton of items that have been needing to photographed and loaded into the database. The more time I spend doing the work, the more I realize that museum work might not be for me. I love going to museums and seeing great exhibits. But I have so much more fun behind a camera in a photo shoot, either in the studio or at great location. Not much cataloging. On the plus side, I'm getting to work with some really great pieces. This week I worked on photographing hats and one of the hats was dated from the 1880's. Which is pretty cool. I also burned to crap out of my hand on the fabric steamer. Not so cool. I've been promised that we'll get to work on pretty dresses the next couple of weeks. So I'll keep you posted.

On to photography stuff. I've been cruising the internet looking for some great inspiration and I think I've found it.

I found this great image on pinterest. I love how dark and gloomy the image is. I'm not sure I want to work in nudity but the animal skull is great. Stay tuned for farthing development.

Until next time.

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