Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camera Magic

As a photographer, I shoot mostly with models. I'm not really a landscape or still life photographer. So whenever I have a project I need to find a model. For smaller projects, I usually make my friends get in front of the camera. For larger projects, especially ones with a specific look, I book aspiring models. I haven't paid a model yet, it's usually a tfp (trade for print) business arrangement. Meaning Their payment is a copy of the image to add to their portfolio. 

It's always fun to go through peoples modeling portfolios. Some people have incredible ports and you can tell they'd have potential to really make it if they pushed it. Others are people who think they the undiscovered Heidi Klum or Sean O'Pry. Sometimes it's just a matter of not having a good photographer. And so the shoot isn't well directed or edited. But most of the time, it's because modeling just isn't there thing. Which is okay. Modeling isn't forever. It's much more difficult than most think. 

There's an element of mystery when booking a model on what you're going to get when the model arrives to shoot. Most of the time I will direct the model to come in without hair or makeup done, so I can direct the overall look. Some models photograph exactly like they look in reality. Others it's almost two different people. I booked a model and almost didn't recognize her when she showed up.

I found a bunch of photos of models, comparing what they look like au naturale and what they look like done up for work. So I thought I'd share them to better explain what I'm talking about. 

Makeup and lighting makes a huge difference in the world, but if the model doesn't know how to work the makeup and lighting, it's all for nothing. 

As you can see, the girl you wouldn't peg as a model on the street might turn into Heidi Klum in front of the camera.

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