Monday, September 17, 2012


Art, like anything else, has styles that come and go. Some photographers style's are classic and will astound people 50 years from now. Others....not so much.

There are tons of websites dedicated to awkward family portraits or awkward studio portraits. Most are circa 1995, which pretty much explains everything. The 1990s weren't the best years for fashion and style.

Here are a few images that made me laugh:

As photoshop became more available to people
there was a lot of experimentation with it, trying 
out different techniques. This one I would
label a miss.

There is zero excuse for this 2006 was more than 
enough time for the tainted fashions of the 90s to 
have faded.


I would be willing to bet big money that the ball
was meant to be a reference point and the 
photographer was to put in a globe. 

Tacky backdrops and cheap portraits studios are the 
mullets of the photography world.
I strongly suggest against photographing yourself
with your collection of anything. It makes you 
look crazy.

I hope these made you smile. Have a fine day!

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